Construction “Drive-Thru” Open House

District Two PIO recently held a construction “drive-thru” open house along A1A in St. Johns County to let residents know about an upcoming resurfacing and sidewalk project. Most everyone drove up and parked but a few were met at their cars and a couple even rode up on bicycles. The event was set up with a tent in a church parking lot (with permission) and used a banner that was purchased several years ago. The purpose of the “drive-thru” style of open house is for the convenience of the public to allow them another opportunity to learn about projects beginning in their area.

At these events, FDOT also tries to provide “give-away” items to encourage participation. During an open house for a bicycle trail, children were fitted and provided with free bicycle helmets. During the recent resurfacing and sidewalk open houses, give-away items included flashlights, pedometers and blinking lights for pedestrians/bicycles.