FDOT Rail Inspectors Among Nation’s Best

Florida’s rail safety inspection program was named 2nd best nationally over the past year by the Federal Railroad Administration. The teamwork and extra effort given by all the employees on the inspection team is reflected in the following statistics:

#1 in Reports
#2 in Inspection Days

Operating Practices
#3 in Defects found
#4 in Reports

Signal/Train Control
#1 in Reports
#1 in Defects found
#1 in Units inspected
#2 in Inspection Days

#1 in Units inspected
#2 in Defects found
#2 in Reports

Rail Inspectors
In Memoriam
Carter Hoffman [pictured above-right] passed away on November 5 while on-the-job. Carter, a Railroad Safety Inspector, was hired by FDOT in December 2010 and entered an extensive on-the-job training period provided by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Carter was certified by the FRA in October of 2011 and then joined the team of seven other certified Inspectors in the state. Carter had established himself as a respected Railroad Inspector with a territory from Deland to Jacksonville to Pensacola. Prior to coming to FDOT, Carter served as Safety Supervisor and Instructor for Rail America and the Florida East Coast Railway, as well as being a conductor and engineer on the Florida East Coast Railway. Carter was a licensed Captain, an amateur radio operator, and railroad enthusiast. His passion was for teaching the correct and safe way to do a job, and he was always looking for opportunities to stress safety for railroad workers. The Rail Office is deeply saddened by his loss.