How Wide is a Train?

District Four’s Commercial Boulevard CSX railroad crossing in Fort Lauderdale has been chosen as a safety test site for enhanced pavement markings. A bright yellow ‘dynamic envelope’ outlined by white “X” hash marks has been painted with a high friction surface on the pavement at the crossing. The ‘dynamic envelope’ identifies the clearance area required for a train and its cargo to avoid collisions at a rail crossing. The Commercial Boulevard crossing was chosen based on its high vehicle-train crash rate. At this crossing, the envelope covers the entire 150 ft width of roadway and 34 ft depth from the east side of the double tracks to the west side. New “Do not stop on tracks’ signs, that feature a bright yellow border with white ‘X’ marks, were also installed. The goal of the project is to reduce crashes by preventing drivers from stopping in the painted clear zone. Pre-test/post-test data collection will measure driver behavior at the crossing. Similar test sites are being considered in Districts Two, Five, and Seven.

2012 December Dynamic envelope painted at Commercial Blvd CSX RR crossing test site