Lost Belongings Returned to Thankful Traveler

Monday morning I inadvertently left my purse in the rest stop just north of Tampa.  Worse yet, it contained my passport, drivers license, credit cards, etc.

When I discovered it I was nearly home, some 2 hours north of the rest stop.

I immediately wrote an email to DOT, asking to be notified if anything was turned in.

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call mere hours later from Robbie Johnson at DOT (813-744-6038) telling me that my purse had been found and all was intact.

I made arrangements with him to have it shipped back to me and Robbie was kind enough to spend hours of his time picking it up from the rest stop and mailing it back to me. I could not say thank you enough times. Also, when I offered a reward to him, he told me in no uncertain terms that he was unable to accept it. Thus, this letter to you telling you what a fine, thoughtful and resourceful employee he is.

Often, when dealing with government entities, it can be a frustrating and extended process. Not so with this wonderful DOT employee who quickly solved my problem, stayed in touch as we went through the steps of it, was a total professional, yet friendly and solicitous. I cannot tell you how highly I think of him and DOT. He reflects credit on the organization and makes me proud to know that such fine people are working for the citizens.

If there is anything more I can do in gratitude, please let me know.

In Peace,
Carol Sandidge

Robbie Johnson

Pictured Above     Robbie Johnson  –  District Seven FDOT Employee