Road Rangers

When DOT personnel think, “Road Rangers” they think about safety, but they also think about business and jobs.  Traffic congestion and commute times are both linked to the business climate of the area.  The better the region’s transportation system functions, the more desirable that area is for business development.  The Road Rangers enhance the region’s general business environment by reducing commute times, congestion caused by lane blockages, mechanical breakdowns, overall fuel consumption and costly secondary crashes.  All of which, left unchecked, are detractors from a good business environment.  The Road Rangers quick clearance of incidents and mechanical breakdowns reduce commute times, lower fuel consumption and minimize secondary crashes.  The result is a more efficient and safer transportation system, which is vital to encouraging new business and enabling existing businesses to expand.  All of the State’s Road Rangers deserve a “job well done” for their efforts.

Comments from the public:

“I was on my way home from work at appx. 4p.m. I was on 75 N just past mile marker 291 and I had a flat tire.  As you can imagine I was terrified. If found myself alone and stranded on the interstate.  I have AAA plus so I made the call and they said it would be about 20 minutes and help would be there. In less time than that the Road Ranger pulled up.  From the moment he pulled up on scene I felt safer.  He got out of his truck and started putting cones down to make traffic get over in the other lane. He put his safety lights onto alert traffic. After making sure the scene was safe he changed my flat tire and put my donut tire on so I could make it home and get off the interstate. This man was wonderful. He was very polite and made sure of my safety. I feel better knowing there are men like him out there when people like me need help on the interstate. I would say job well done by him and if I ever have to go through that situation again I hope I get the same man to help me.”

“Thanks to the road ranger, our experience turned from apprehension to relief. The road ranger was extremely courteous and pleasant. It was one of the best experiences we ever had. Other states should follow Florida.”

“The Road Ranger put us at ease and made us feel safe with all the heavy traffic. Thanks for the service they provide.”

“Never heard of Road Rangers but it was very convenient! The two guys were awesome! America needs more people like them. Great Idea! Nice work well pleased.”

“This is one of the most valuable and appreciated programs offered by FLDOT. I cannot begin to express my gratitude. It was a horrific experience to blow a tire on I-75, but DOT’s Angels kept me safe and going! Thank you!”

“The Road Ranger was great. He was on time and courteous and helpful. Please tell Governor Rick Scott, that the Road Rangers are a great tremendous contribution to motorists all over Florida Roads.  Thank you for providing this free highway assistances.  God Bless the Road Rangers.”

“The Road Ranger was very courteous and helpful. On time. Please Don’t stop the road rangers services. They are Angels of the road. God Bless you and the Road Rangers (P.S. everyday heroes).”

Road Rangers