FDOT Employees Assist Hit-and-Run Victim

Bill McDonald and Thomas Wilhelmsen, two District Seven maintenance employees, were leaving a county dump site in separate dump trucks, when they witnessed a pickup truck pull out in front of a motorcycle.  The motorcyclist struck the driver side of the pick-up and ended up in the middle of the road.  Bill McDonald utilized his dump truck and blocked the road, protecting the injured motorcyclist from approaching traffic.  The driver of the car did not stop and continued up the road where he then decided to run on foot from the accident scene.  Thomas Wilhelmsen proceeded to take his DOT dump truck and drive up the road and block the fleeing suspect.  As Thomas exited the truck, a county employee, also a witness to the accident, had already told the suspect to lay on the ground.  Both Thomas Wilhelmsen and the county employee stayed with the suspect until the authorities arrived.

Bill and Thomas

Pictured Above     Bill McDonald (left) and Thomas Wilhelmsen (right)