Tallahassee Honors Wilbur Jones

The City of Tallahassee honored Wilbur Jones with bronze plaques memorializing his tireless efforts and lifelong advocacy for the beautification of highways.  Approaching 101 years of age, Jones served as State Road Department Chairman and CEO in the 1950s (the equivalent of today’s Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation). He has been an advocate of highway beautification in Florida, especially in the Tallahassee area, for more than half a century.

Following the ceremony, two plaques were installed at the I-10 interchange at Thomasville Road, and two more will soon be installed at the I-10 interchange at North Monroe Street. Jones played an integral role in the Florida Department of Transportation’s landscaping project at both interchanges, portions of which will be maintained by the City.

“If not for Wilbur Jones’ passion, beautification projects like the one at Interstate 10 and Thomasville Road may have never come to fruition,” said Mayor John Marks.  “These plaques will not only let residents and visitors know the key role he played in helping to beautify our highways in Tallahassee and across the state, but will also recognize the landscaping legacy he has created.”

Wilbur Jones Wilbur Jones

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