Road Ranger Saves Life

In early March, Road Ranger John Cancelli came upon a disabled vehicle on the Howard Frankland Bridge, ready to assist.  When he approached the passenger side of the car, the driver was hunched over the steering wheel.  John immediately radioed for EMS to arrive after the driver did not  respond to attempts to communicate with him.  John opened the driver’s side door and shook the driver gently, who was pale in the face.  Finding no pulse, he began CPR.  Due to traffic whizzing by on the bridge, he had to perform CPR in the car by laying the driver’s seat back.  When the Tampa Police Department and fire rescue arrived on scene, they checked his vitals again and he had a pulse and was breathing.

John Cancelli has been a Road Ranger since August 2009.  We call Road Rangers the “heroes of the road,” and on that day, John literally saved a life.  Thank you John for your dedication and quick actions.

John Cancelli - Road Ranger