Aging Road User Community Summit

Florida’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition held an inaugural aging road user safety and mobility summit in New Port Richey on May 14, 2013.  The goals of the summit were to identify statewide transportation safety and mobility resources available to local partners and to learn more about the specific challenges and issues that face their community in regards to their aging population.  The knowledge gained and partnerships formed from the summit will help the coalition continue to develop new resources and implement the strategic safety plan.

The Safe Mobility for Life Coalition was created to help reduce the number of crashes while improving the safety, access, and mobility for Florida’s aging road users. The Coalition consists of representatives from the Florida Department of Transportation and Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy along with 26 national, state, and local aging and safety advocates, working together to balance both the safety and mobility needs of Florida’s aging population.

Florida’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Aging Road User Summit