Act of Generosity

Joe Blasewitz, Senior Project Administrator for the U.S. 19 interchanges project in Pinellas County, was contacted by Ethan Hess a year ago.  Ethan asked if he could have the “Hess” blue business sign on the construction project once the contractor was done with it.  Joe remembered this request, and since traffic had been shifted and the sign was no longer needed, he contacted the Hess family to see if they still wanted the sign.  Ethan’s grandmother and brother went to the construction field office to pick up the sign.  Joe also provided small hard hats to the boys.  Needless to say, the boys were ecstatic and very appreciative, and the grandmother even posted pictures and some kind words on Facebook.  A small gesture went a long way with the Hess family.  Thank you Joe!

From her facebook post:

Joe was kind enough to work with Hubbard Construction, the company that really owned the sign, and yesterday sent me an email saying we could stop by to pick it up.  The boys learned some excellent lessons through this exercise:  It doesn’t hurt to ask for something, although you may not get it.  Don’t steal it, don’t complain about not having it, but ask for it.  Joe, and his supervisor Glenn Ivey, also presented the boys with real hard hats.  The photos below are of Joe presenting the sign to the boys, and the boys at home wearing their hard hats and holding the sign.

Hess Road Sign

Hess Road Sign