Functional Area Task Team

As a result of the comments from the employee survey and in an effort to standardize hiring and pay practices, a Human Resources Task Team was recently created.  The goal of this task team is to streamline the hiring/selection process and provide employees with a clear direction of career paths within the various disciplines in the agency.

The task team and its subcommittees are working on developing a system where similar positions throughout the state will have the same position descriptions.  Another objective of this group includes standardizing the classification of positions and establishing consistent starting pay.  District Seven Secretary Paul Steinman is leading the effort to complete the plan by the end of this year.  The plan will also include employees having opportunities for advancement within their functional areas through progressive structure.  The Executive Task Team members include:  Paul Steinman, Irene Cabral, Bob Romig, Dick Kane, Robin Naitove, Nelson Hill, Robert Clift, Larry Ferguson, James Wolfe, Tom Byron, Lisa Saliba, Juan Flores, Ron Baker, Jerry Curington, Trey Tillander, and Lora Hollingsworth. The subcommittees include representation from each district and Central Office.

The Human Resources Sharepoint site is located at :

Functional Area Task Team Functional Area Task Team Functional Area Task Team