Progress on the Viaduct

In June 2012, Florida Department of Transportation District Six began the second half of the NW 25 Street Viaduct Project. The first half, referred to as the “East Segment”, was completed in July of 2011 and is already providing some relief to commuter and cargo traffic on the NW 25 Street Corridor.  The East Project currently provides a direct non-stop connection from the Miami International Airport (MIA) Cargo Facilities to northbound SR 826 and from eastbound NW 25 Street at the Palmetto Expressway to the MIA Cargo Facilities.

The project was a major undertaking, consisting of the total reconstruction of NW 25 Street, from the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) to NW 67 Avenue, and the construction of a viaduct over the westbound lanes of NW 25 Street that curves southward at NW 68 Avenue and touches down at NW 22 Street.

The NW 25 Street Corridor is vital because it serves as the main thoroughfare into the MIA West Cargo Area.  MIA operations have a $32.8 billion impact to the Miami-Dade County economy.   In addition to the airport operations, the highly commercialized corridor is also home to major distribution hubs for the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service.  Also, 71% of all perishable cargo (90% of all flowers) that is imported to the United States enters through MIA, making it critical that cargo trucks are able to get to and from the airport in a timely fashion.

The West Segment of the project has been under construction for just over a year now and, once completed, will take the Viaduct from the east side of the Palmetto Expressway over the expressway, touching down just east of NW 82 Avenue.  The roadway reconstruction portion of the project includes the widening of NW 25 Street from where the East Project left off at the Palmetto, west to NW 89 Court.  The contractor is currently working on Phase One of the project that involves the installation of about 2900 linear feet of a 24 ft. by 16 ft. culvert in the North Line Canal that will allow for the widening of the north side of the roadway; construction of the northern bridge foundations and piers; water and sewer improvements, and construction of the northern portions of intersections at NW 79, 82, 84 and 87 Avenues.  There are a total of four major phases of construction that will culminate with the completion of the project in December 2015.

Once completed, cargo and logistics operators and commuters will realize the full benefits of the project by being able to travel to and from the MIA cargo facilities from NW 82 Avenue, bypassing six major intersections and several active railroad crossings, enabling them to meet tight shipping deadlines.  Local commuters on the newly widened at-grade NW 25 Street will benefit by fewer trucks on the roadway, leading to reduced travel times.

Progress on the Viaduct Progress on the Viaduct