Motorcycle Safety Coalition Celebrates Five Years

The Florida Motorcycle Coalition celebrated its five year anniversary in August.  The coalition was formed after the 2008 Motorcycle Assessment. The coalition members consist of law enforcement officers, rider trainers, EMS personnel, insurance providers, motorcycle dealers, motorcycle riders, traffic safety specialists, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, AAA, engineers, motorcycle groups, safety advocates, researchers, trauma center administrators, trauma center surgeons, health professionals, and judges.

Coalition members work together on initiatives to assist in bringing down motorcycle crashes and fatalities in Florida. These initiatives include but are not limited to participating in educational outreach events, helping in the development of media campaigns, research and data collection, training, education of medical and law enforcement, and other duties.

The coalition has developed many motorcycle safety campaigns including: Look Twice Save a Life, Drink + Ride = Lose, Be Smart Be Seen, and “The road is not your race track”, a new motorcycle anti-speed public service announcement video.

The coalition has been awarded the 2010 GHSA Peter O’Rourke Special Achievement Award, 2010 National Transportation Public Affairs Workshop (NTPAW) Skills Award for Best Public Awareness Event as well as the 2011 National Roadway Safety Award.  The group was additionally nominated for an award at the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators Summit.

These efforts and activities have led to a 20% reduction in number of motorcycle fatalities and a 16% reduction in number of motorcycle crashes from 2008 to 2012 despite little fluctuation in ridership numbers, no state universal helmet law, and the fact that motorcycle riding is a year-round activity in Florida.  The Motorcycle Coalition is working to drive down fatalities on our roads.

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Motorcycle Safety Coalition Celebarates Five Years