Bulls Walk and Bike at USF

Walking and biking to school is a top safety priority at the University of South Florida (USF). During the second annual “Bulls Walk and Bike” week, September 9-13, held by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at USF, students were educated on Florida bicycle and pedestrian laws.

Contests were held encouraging social media posts of photos depicting safe pedestrian or bicycle behavior.  Free bicycles were awarded.  A press conference, safety presentations, and cycling classes were offered to educate students on the campus.

The event promoted awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety with reminders to Walk Wise, Bike Smart, and Drive Carefully. Bulls Walk and Bike Week is supported by the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office through the Community Traffic Safety Program Support grant and pedestrian safety grants.

Safety messages promoted during Bulls Walk and Bike WeekBulls Walk and Bike at USF

  • Walk Wise, Bike Smart and Drive Carefully
  • Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow
  • Be aware of and follow ALL traffic laws
  • Look before Crossing
  • Cross at Crosswalks
  • Bike Lights on at Night
  • Bike Predictably
  • Share the Road with Bicyclists
  • Stop for Pedestrians
  • Stop Before Turning Right on Red

Bulls Walk and Bike at USFBulls Walk and Bike at USFBulls Walk and Bike at USF