Employee Spotlight: Bob Green

Employee Spotlight: Bob Green

One Road Ranger Bob Green receives a thank you email from visitors from Italy

We are a group of friends from Italy and I’m writing on behalf of all to express our infinite gratitude to the Road Ranger who assisted us on I-75 Port Charlotte on the 14th of August, 2013.

We were spending a memorable holiday touring Florida, and on that day were driving toward St. Petersburg when suddenly a tire blew out. It could have been a very serious problem, but we didn’t even have time to worry over it as immediately after we pulled up a Road Ranger (I think his name’s Robert) showed up.

He was like a guardian angel to us! He changed the flat tire in no time, called the rental company to solve our problem, and made everything possible so we would safely be back on our car and go on with our journey.

God bless him a thousand time and bless Americans for being such friendly, helpful, and generous people. I count my days when I’ll have the chance to visit again your great country.

Our kindest regards and most heartfelt thanks.

Employee Spotlight: Bob Green