From Tampa with Many Thanks

Email received from Tampa resident

“I wanted to take a moment to thank the Department Of Transportation for several items.

B-after Sylvester Install

“Thank you for planting palm trees along the I-4 corridor.  As someone who lives in New Tampa and watched quite a few trees be removed, I’m hopeful the planting will continue to the I-75 entrance/exit ramps area.

” I’d also like to thank you for painting Interstate information on the roadways near the entrance ramps (e.g. – I-75 Northbound, I-75 Southbound while exiting I-4 Westbound).  The signage on the roadway is very helpful and I believe reduces risk of drivers quickly switching lanes.

“Thank you also for constantly keeping the roadways free of litter.  I know that must be a full time job but it is nice to know that we live in an area where the state is concerned with how the roadways look.”

Highway Sabal Planting