The Governor’s Corner

Governor Rick Scott

Thanks to our public servants, Floridians across the state are finding more opportunities to achieve their dreams and provide for their families.

To continue strengthening Florida’s economy, we recently released the “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Agenda,” which lays out our priorities for creating the upcoming state budget. Our three main components are cutting $500 million in taxes and fees, reducing state debt, and cutting government waste.

Florida’s hard working public servants have already made great strides to save taxpayers’ hard-earned money through eliminating government waste and cutting costs in state contracts.  By further streamlining spending, we can free up more dollars to be returned to taxpayers and further pay down debt. For the first time in decades, Florida has already paid down a record $3.5 billion in state debt over the last three years.

The passion I see every day from state workers makes us more effective at providing quality services, and we’ll continue to improve how we serve Florida families with the “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Agenda.”