Employee Spotlight: Jim Lane

Employee Spotlight: Jim Lane

Jim Lane receiving the Sustained Exceptional Award at the Secretary’s October Town Hall Meeting

Jim Lane has been with FDOT, Office of Comptroller for 28 and a half years.  He represents true Sustained Exceptional Performance and has been a constant and reliable resource.  Jim is professional, thorough, and patient, providing great leadership for the Disbursement Operations Office (DOO), the District Financial Services Offices, the Department of Financial Services, as well as other agencies.

The work environment within DOO has improved significantly under the leadership of Jim.  A true indication of Jim’s leadership and sustainability over the years is from the employee survey scores.  In the last survey, the overall score improved to 193.69 as compared to the previous year of 177.55 and high quartile of 188.59.

Jim Lane has given FDOT 28 and a half years of exceptional sustained performance and will not stop until he retires.  He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares and uses to provide exceptional customer service and continuous improvement.