The Governor’s Corner

Governor Rick Scott

Florida’s public servants have been working hard to improve our great state, and we are excited to see their hard work pave the way for Florida families and private-sector businesses to succeed. Recently, we announced three manufacturing companies who are creating opportunities in Florida; the expansions of Just In Time Machining, GE Oil & Gas, and Embraer will create at least 1,100 new jobs for Floridians. Last year we eliminated the sales tax on manufacturing equipment to ensure Florida businesses can meet their full potential when competing against other states and countries. These exciting wins wouldn’t be possible without the support of our public servants.

In total, Florida businesses have created more than 651,000 private-sector jobs since December 2010. Our hard work has done a great job turning around Florida’s economy, but there is more to do to in order to create opportunities for generations to come. With the help of our public servants, we can give our families and our future generations the opportunities to get a great job and live the American Dream right here in Florida. Let’s keep working to build an opportunity economy where all Floridians can achieve their dreams.