Preventing Wrong Way Driving

On Thursday, October 16, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) hosted a press conference to address the shocking increase in wrong-way crashes this year caused by impaired driving. The conference began with FHP Director, Colonel David Brierton, introducing the wrong-way driving campaign and FHP’s initiative to work with the Florida Department of Transportation to help prevent these crashes from occurring in the future. Brierton stated that FHP will be doing their part by  launching an intensive patrol to target DUI and wrong-way driving in the Tampa Bay area.

Preventing Wrong Way Driving

The Florida Department of Transportation District Seven Secretary Paul Steinman was on hand to introduce the new system of wrong-way detection signals that will be installed on major interstate off-ramps. These signals will help alert law enforcement and motorists when a driver enters the interstate in the wrong direction. The signals were activated and tested to display just how powerful and effective this new form of technology could be.

Colonel Brierton and Secretary Steinman were also joined by State Senator Jeff Brandes, who expressed his excitement about the wrong-way technology.

“The Tampa Bay area has seen an increased amount of wrong-way incidents over the past year. I am both excited and pleased that this very helpful technology is coming to our area and will help keep our motorists safe,” Brandes said.