Secretary Ananth Prasad’s Departure

Secretary Ananth Prasad’s DepartureOn Decmeber 2, Governor Rick Scott announced the departure of Secretary Ananth Prasad on January 2, 2015.  The Florida Transportation Commission will begin the process of identifying candidates as the future secretary and will present those recommendations to the Governor.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Secretary Prasad has been part of my administration since the very beginning, and he has been pivotal to making sure we could make a record investment of over $10 billion in our transportation system this year.  Secretary Prasad has also helped Florida become a major force in international trade because of his commitment to expanding our Florida ports and airports. I am grateful for Secretary Prasad’s service to our state and we will continue making our transportation system a top priority as we select another excellent leader for this department.”

Secretary Ananth Prasad’s Departure

What they are saying:

Lisa M. Bacot, Executive Director of the Florida Public Transportation Association said, “Secretary Prasad served as an exceptional leader and innovator for the transportation industry here in Florida.  With his guidance and oversight, record state transportation funding investment occurred, and his dedicated focus on making alternative methods of transportation safer, such as public transit, walking and biking, has been unprecedented. He was a true asset to the State of Florida and will be greatly missed.”

Bob Burleson, President of the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association (FTBA) said, “I have been privileged to work with many Secretaries at FDOT through the years. They have all been good. Ananth was special, however. He had the ability to understand complex transportation issues and, more importantly, complex political issues. He always worked for win-win solutions and was never afraid to make a decision. I give Governor Scott great credit for allowing Ananth to run FDOT and to make those decisions. The record work program over the last four years speaks for itself. Ananth was always “How can we get it done?,” not “why it can’t be done.” The I-4 Ultimate PPP, the largest highway project ever in the southeast is a great example of Ananth and FDOT focusing on what needs to get done. Ananth will be missed not only by those of us involved in transportation, but by all the citizens of Florida.”

Allen Douglas, Executive Director, Florida Engineering Society (FES)/Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) said, “During his tenure, Secretary Prasad has led FDOT to new heights in numerous transportation arenas including roads, ports and rail. In terms of efficiency, transparency and accountability, Secretary Prasad’s vision and leadership have made FDOT the model for transportation departments across the nation, and led to several national awards. He has been a remarkable leader, and will be greatly missed by members of FES/FICE and all involved in the transportation infrastructure industry.”

Howard Glassman, Executive Director of the Florida MPO Advisory Council said, “Secretary Prasad’s legacy will be his willingness to try new ideas and move the department and its partners forward to address our changing times.  His complete streets initiative that promotes alternative transportation systems and pedestrian safety recognizes Florida’s demographic change and supports livable and walkable communities.”

Ron Howse, Chairman of the Florida Transportation Commission said, “As Chairman of the Florida Transportation Commission, I want to commend Secretary Prasad on his accomplishments in leading Florida’s Department of Transportation under Governor Rick Scott. Under Secretary Prasad’s leadership, the department met all of the Commission’s performance and production objectives for the first time ever, while overseeing the largest transportation budget in state history. He led the development of significant transportation projects that will have a lasting impact on the mobility needs of Florida’s citizens, visitors, and commerce. Florida is a better place because of his vision and dedication and, as a result, our transportation system is in a better position to support the state’s economic development, job growth, and quality of life. The Florida Transportation Commission wishes Secretary Prasad the very best in his future endeavors.”

Bill Johnson, Executive Director of the Florida Airports Council said, “In my 13 years with the Florida Airports Council, I cannot remember a better Secretary of Transportation than Ananth Prasad. He understands the importance of transportation investment to the state’s economy and has been willing to commit state resources to help develop Florida’s airport infrastructure into the national model that it is today. He will be greatly missed by everyone in the airport community.”

Mike Murtha, President of the Florida Concrete & Products Association said, “Secretary Prasad’s  legacy will be his innovative brand of leadership that put our State at the forefront of the economic recovery; maximizing the positive impact of every dollar invested in order to benefit all Floridians.”

Matthew D. Ubben, President of Floridians for Better Transportation (FBT) said, “Secretary Prasad has served as a visionary champion for transportation, recognizing the power of transportation investment to fuel Florida’s economy, enhance our global competiveness and improve the lives of our citizens. With states across the country searching for dedicated funding for transportation, Secretary Prasad worked tirelessly to overcome funding challenges by utilizing a broad array of funding sources including innovative use of alternative project delivery methods to meet our infrastructure needs.”

Doug Wheeler, President of the Florida Ports Council said, “Secretary Prasad has been an incredible champion for freight movement, seaport investment and improving transportation assets to increase business and build Florida’s economy. His recognition of transportation as an economic driver has been a game changer in Florida’s quest to be a global leader in trade.”