Pinellas County Commissioner Seel Awarded

Pinellas County Commissioner Karen Seel

On Tuesday, December 16, Pinellas County Commissioner Karen Seel was recognized by the Board of County Commission (BOCC) for her accomplishments as a Chairman of the BOCC and Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Over the years, Commissioner Seel has been a champion for improving transportation in the bay area and is a strong supporter of the improvements on US 19.

When Seel and her staff went on a US 19 project tour a few months ago, they were intrigued with all the challenges that FDOT encounters when building a job like US 19. Most of all, they were amazed to learn that US 19 was originally a 16-foot wide brick road; and through years of construction, those bricks are left buried in the ground. At the time, Seel stated it would be cool to own one of the old bricks. At the Pinellas County BOCC meeting, Commissioner Seel was presented with a brick from the original 1920s US 19 brick roadway. The brick had been cleaned up and a small plaque was added to the front to commemorate all the hard work Commissioner Seel has contributed over the years.

Congratulations to Karen Seel on receiving this well-deserved award!

Pinellas County Commissioner Karen SeelBCC_MtgPres_Seel_US19_06r_121614_DL