The Governor’s Corner

Governor Rick Scott

As we begin the New Year, I would like to thank all of Florida’s dedicated public servants who have made it their mission to serve our great state. Thanks to your hard work, we are on the way to making Florida the worldwide location for individuals to get a job, provide for their families, and live a great life. With 715,700 private-sector jobs created since December 2010, it is clear Florida is thriving. A job is the number one way to change a life and give families hope for the future, and that is why we will continue to make jobs our mission for the next four years.

Our new goal is to unseat Texas and become the global leader for job creation by the year 2020. With the continued support of our public employees, we can meet this goal, and provide more opportunities for every single person in Florida. We’re committed to cutting taxes, investing in K-12 education, keeping higher education affordable, and investing in our growing infrastructure. Thank you again for all you do for Florida. Let’s Keep Florida Working!