District Four Secretary Jim Wolfe Retires

James A. Wolfe, District Four Secretary since May 2005, will be retiring this March after a distinguished 37 year career with the Florida Department of Transportation – all of it in District Four. Jim began his career with FDOT in 1978 with District Four Traffic Operations and rose through the ranks.

District Four Secretary Jim Wolfe Retires

In recognizing Jim,  Secretary Jim Boxold said, ”His contributions to the agency are many and he represents the best in public service.”

District Four Secretary Jim Wolfe RetiresAlong his career path, Jim served as Consultant Management Administrator for the I-95 Expansion Project in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in the mid-1980s, which introduced High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to those counties. In September 1987 he was named District Four Director of Production.  As director, he issued the District Four Production Mission and produced the Production Scheduling System Plan (known as The Royal Mauve Report). In February 1997 Jim was named District Four Director of Operations. During his tenure in Operations he was instrumental in the implementation of the Road Ranger Service Patrol program and the introduction of ITS in District Four.

In May 2005 Jim was named District Four Secretary. Under his direction, District Four has become a leader in a number of areas. One of Jim’s proudest accomplishments is the application of the department’s business model. He believes the development and carryout of business plans is fundamental to improving performance and achieving the department’s mission. He has also been a strong proponent of the Certified Public Manager Program (CPM) for over twenty years. He pushed for maximizing the use of technology in an effort to accomplish tasks efficiently and strongly encouraged managers to take the time to recognize well-deserving employees for their involvement in and implementation of innovative ideas and stepping up to improve processes and performance. Jim oversaw the district accomplish many major milestones during his tenure as District Secretary including the first availability payment based Public Private Partnership in the country (I-595 reversible express lanes), the creation of an express lanes network in District Four on I-95, I-75 and I-595 and the expansion of I-95 in the Treasure Coast.