Employee Spotlight: Jan Russo

For the 27th year, the Prudential Productivity Awards publicly recognized and rewarded state employees whose work significantly and measurably increased productivity to improve the delivery of state services and save money for Florida taxpayers and businesses.  These celebrated, innovative approaches of state agencies have saved more than $9 billion taxpayer dollars since 1989.

Employee Spotlight: Jan Russo

In total, 167 FDOT employees were honored at the 2015 awards, more than any other state agency.  In fact, for the past five years that Jan Russo, Public Records Supervisor, has worked for FDOT heading up the Prudential Productivity Award nominations, the agency has led the state with the most number of winning nominations each year.  Her tireless effort behind the scenes has earned her the title of Agency Coordinator of the Year for 2015.

Russo stands out from the other 39 state and university coordinators for her work as a human resources training coordinator, records custodian, employee ombudsman and performance management coordinator, as well as the coordinator of the Prudential Productivity Awards themselves.

“We have the best employees,” said Russo. “They think outside the box and try to be innovative and creative whenever possible.  The Prudential Productivity Awards are a great way for us to brag about them and for other agencies to get inspired by what they do.”

Prudential estimates that state employees using these out-of-the-box, innovative techniques have saved the state around $602 million in 2014.

In a ceremony at the Civic Center in Tallahassee on March 12, employees were recognized for their contributions to improving services to the state’s taxpayers.  Other ceremonies to honor employees will be held this year throughout the state.

In his memo to FDOT employees, Secretary Boxold said, “I want to congratulate the FDOT employees who won an award in this year’s Prudential Productivity Award Program.  These winners saved the state money, and created an innovative solution or increased productivity in a way that can be replicated across the state.  I take great pride in knowing that everywhere I go, I hear compliments about the tremendous work done by our people.”

A complete list of winners can be found here on the Florida Tax Watch website.

Read the article from Florida Tax Watch recognizing Jan Russo and browse photos of some of FDOT winners here in the 2015 Prudential Productivity Awards magazine.