International Days

Secretary Boxold attended the Florida Chamber International Days to highlight the importance of Florida’s transportation system to our state’s economy and future growth. Governor Scott made job creation a priority in Florida, and our state’s low-tax, business friendly climate helped create 841,100 new private-sector jobs since December 2010. With an open business climate and international trade, Florida provides a competitive market for global commerce. Quality infrastructure is critical to attracting companies and creating an environment for business expansion on an international scale.

International Days

In February, Governor Scott announced that Volkswagen chose JAXPORT as its southeastern U.S. imports and distribution facility, which will bring over 100 jobs and $3.4 million in capital investment to the Jacksonville area. In March, the direct connect route from I-75 to Southwest Florida International Airport opened in Ft. Myers. The $54 million project will offer Florida families, tourists, and businesses an alternative route to and from the airport, and ease congestion in the area. In Orlando, we broke ground on the I-4 Ultimate project, which will rebuild Interstate 4 through metro Orlando.

Florida’s multimodal transportation system and economic development efforts helped create opportunities for Florida families. The state’s transportation system supported nearly 20 million residents and almost 99 million tourists last year.

International Days

FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold said, “The Florida Chamber International Days was a great opportunity to demonstrate the role FDOT plays in economic development. We are on track for 100 million visitors to our state this year, and half of the people all travel to Florida by some form of transportation. Our airports are responsible for $144 million of economic activity and our ports are responsible for $86 million of international trade. Florida is moving forward in becoming America’s Gateway to the World.”

Florida is truly exceptional. But Florida could not have accomplished this unbelievable story without the support of our partners, like the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Working together, FDOT has had the opportunity to provide the products, services, and infrastructure to deliver jobs and prosperity to all corners of the state.

We will continue to invest in our state’s transportation infrastructure to make Florida a global destination for jobs and opportunities.