Gubernatorial Fellow wins Jeb Bush Award

Celebrating its tenth year, Florida Governor Rick Scott hosted the annual Florida Gubernatorial Fellows Program Awards Reception at the Florida Governor’s Mansion on May 7. The program, founded in 2004 by Governor Jeb Bush, works to provide our state’s best and brightest students unparalleled opportunities for achievement while developing the kind of multifaceted leaders Florida needs to continue to thrive. This non-partisan program immerses students from public and private universities in key areas of state government. During their nine-month tenure in Tallahassee, fellows receive advanced on-the-job training as well as an invaluable front-line view of the inner workings of government.

Gubernatorial Fellow wins Jeb Bush Award

Gubernatorial Fellow Cody Farrill stands with Governor Rick Scott after receiving the Jeb Bush Award for Outstanding Achievement

The department hosted its second gubernatorial fellow, Cody Farrill over the past year. Farrill is a native of Panama City and is a current graduate student at Florida State University studying Public Administration and Land Use Policy. He previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. Farrill has been an asset to the department over the last year and has served in federal, state and local governments before becoming a fellow at FDOT. Over the past year, Farrill had the opportunity to meet key state leaders across the branches of government while representing the department locally, statewide, and in Washington, DC. He also had the opportunity to travel to FDOT’s districts and served as a member of the Legislative Programs Office during this year’s Legislative Session.

The Jeb Bush Award, named for former Governor and founder of the Gubernatorial Fellows Program, provides a $5,000 scholarship to innovative fellows who identify critical state concerns and address them with outstanding policy proposals. Farrill along with partner Elizabeth Hyatt, a fellow at the Division of Emergency Management, submitted a policy proposal entitled: “Florida TeleHealth Network: A Strategic Initiative to Transform the Delivery of Healthcare.”  Farrill said, “It was an honor to receive this award from the Florida Fellows Board of Directors and Governor Scott. I am truly passionate about serving my fellow citizens and I truly believe this policy is a simple fix to the specialty physician shortfall in Florida.”  Farrill is the second Gubernatorial Fellow hosted by the department to receive this award following former Fellow Alex Andrade in 2014. Only one proposal is selected each year from a class of 10-12 fellows.

Farrill has truly enjoyed his experience at the department and said, “The fellowship experience at FDOT has continued to help mold me into understanding the key issues that help enhance the state’s economy. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the interworkings of a state agency and the importance of transportation not only to the citizens of Florida but to the world.”