Electric Vehicle Charging Station

District Four officially celebrated the opening of its electric vehicle charging station with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, November 30. The ceremony was part of the 2015 Florida Alternative Fuel Expo co-hosted by District Four and the Southeast Florida Clean Cities Coalition.

Charging Station Ribbon Cutting 014

About 90 people from government agencies and private businesses attended the Expo, which featured Kelley Smith Burk, executive director of Florida’s Office of Energy, as the keynote speaker. There was also a panel discussion with key public and private sector leaders on cutting edge transportation and energy technologies in Florida and a display of commercial and research alternative fuel vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

At the conclusion of the Expo, Hollywood City Commissioner Patty Asseff, chair of the Clean Cities Coalition, joined District Four Secretary Gerry O’Reilly to cut the ribbon. Others participants included Stacy Miller, District Four Director of Transportation Development; Courtney Drummond, District Four Director of Operations; Christine Heshmati, coordinator of the Clean Cities Coalition; and Gregor Senger, District Four Modal Development engineering specialist.

Charging Station Ribbon Cutting 005Secretary O’Reilly praised Senger for his efforts in championing the project. Central Office approved pilot projects earlier this year to install electric vehicle charging stations at Districts 4 and 7.

“I can safely say without Gregor’s persistence and determination this project would never have happened,” O’Reilly said.  He also thanked Dawn Raduano, District Four senior attorney, and Patrick Freiwald, District Four Facility Manager, for making the project a reality.

The charging station, located in the west parking lot of the District building, has two charging points that can be used by FDOT employees and visitors. Users pay a fee for the electricity used.

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