Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2016

Governor Scott signed a proclamation designating Friday, February 5, 2016, as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. Throughout the state, crossing guard programs and agencies held events to show appreciation to their guards. FDOT announced award winners on that day as well.

Crossing Guard Award

Katherine (Kate) Sasso was named 2015 Florida School Crossing Guard of the Year. She works for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office School Crossing Guard Program.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office School Crossing Guard Program was named 2015 School Crossing Guard Program of the Year.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

For Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold visited Kate Sullivan Elementary School in Tallahassee to meet local school crossing guards, Mr. Bob and Mr. Frank, and learn what inspired them to give back to the community in such an important way.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day was a great event this year with record breaking numbers of nominations for Guard of the Year! Florida school crossing guards are a key element in keeping our school crossings safe for Florida’s children.