Road Ranger Saves Baby on I-75

Matthieu WidnerMatthieu Widner was on routine patrol when he came upon what he “thought was a disabled vehicle.” When he approached the vehicle he noticed the male driver, leaning into the back seat and trying to grab his child. Matthieu noticed the child was blue in the face and not getting any oxygen. Matthieu radioed the satellite Traffic Management Center in Manatee County to inform them of the incident, request EMS/Fire Rescue, that he was beginning CPR on the child.

Road Rangers

Matthieu says that he turned the child over to clear any obstructions before beginning breathing assistance on the child and quickly watched the child’s color return to his face. A father to a young child himself, Matthieu needed to collect his thoughts after the incident, before returning to patrol duty that afternoon. Matthieu says that he loves what he does and this is why he comes to work every day!