FLHSMV releases new Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is releasing a modified Florida driver license and ID card with enhanced security features. Modifications include the removal of the magnetic strip on the back of the credential, the addition of a tactile security feature and changes to the data and data layout. By the end of August 2019, the modified credential will be available at all service centers throughout Florida and online.

“The release of this new credential is part of a continued effort to maintain the highest level of security for all Floridians,” said Terry L. Rhodes, Executive Director of the FLHSMV. “In cooperation with law enforcement and our stakeholders, we are committed to enhancing security, preventing fraud and best serving our customers.”

FLHSMV Issues New and Improved Driver's License and ID Cards
FLHSMV Issues New and Improved Driver’s License and ID Cards

In 2017, the department began issuing a redesigned Florida driver license and ID card to provide enhanced security features for customers, better protection against identity and driver license fraud. The security features ensure Floridians continue to receive the most secure over-the-counter driver license and ID card on the market today.

Customers do not have to replace their current driver license or ID card during this time, unless their current credential has reached its expiration, or a required change is needed, such as a name or address change.

Previously issued driver license and ID cards will still be used until they are replaced or phased out. Any credentials with a magnetic strip and no tactile feature with an issue date after August 31, 2019, are fraudulent.

To learn more about the modifications, visit flhsmv.gov/newDL. If you do not see the gold star in the upper right-hand corner of your license, visit flhsmv.gov/REALID to become REAL ID compliant today.