Preparing to open the first Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) in Florida

Traffic relief is coming to motorists in Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers who travel on State Road 82 in Lee County. This summer a more efficient intersection is expected to open to the public called a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI). This intersection is the first of its kind to be built in the State of Florida. Television and radio commercials, together with on-site banners are being used to promote the project website, An instructional video on how to drive the intersection is provided on the website.

Located on State Road 82 at Gunnery Road and Daniels Parkway, the CFI will greatly alleviate congestion and allow for an additional 4,000 vehicles per day to travel through the intersection.  According to Dennis Day, the FDOT Construction Project Manager, the CFI was constructed using 10-inch thick concrete pavement covering over 53,000 square yards to withstand the heavy traffic demands at this intersection for many years to come.

The major difference between a CFI and a conventional intersection is how motorists turn left. For those driving from State Road 82 onto Daniels Parkway or Gunnery Road, the left turn crossover will allow drivers to make a left turn before they reach the main intersection. There will be three sets of signals, one at each of the crossover points, as well as at the main intersection that are all interconnected using a single traffic controller.