Quickening the commute: Express lanes open in Jax

Drivers in northeast Florida have a new choice in their commute with the addition of express lanes on I-295 between the Buckman Bridge and I-95.

The I-295 Express Lanes opened on May 18 around 6 a.m. Drivers along the corridor now have a safe, affordable, viable option for a more predictable commute.

I-295 Express Lanes currently use “time of day” tolling, meaning tolls are only charged during peak travel times. Peak travel times along this corridor of I-295 are from 6-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Department will continue to evaluate peak travel times and could make changes in the future. During these hours, there will be a set minimum toll price of 50 cents that may be adjusted based on the level of congestion in the express lanes. Non-peak travel times will be free for drivers. The $89 million project began in 2014. While the lanes are open to traffic, the contractor remains onsite to complete work associated with the project.