SunRail delivers during presidential visit

SunRail delivered more than 14,000 trips the day President Donald Trump visited downtown Orlando to announce his re-election bid for 2020, as many chose to take the train rather than drive to the rally at the Amway Center. SunRail usually transports more than 6,000 on a typical Tuesday, but on Tuesday, June 18, ridership was more than doubled as rally attendees mixed with regular commuters during the day. SunRail was put to the test when the rally ended at night, and there was a mass exodus from the Amway Center to the train platforms at Church Street Station. Six trains were waiting to transport riders to destinations both north and south. The trains on the north end were very full, so much so, that a fourth train that was on standby was put into service to take home the last 150 passengers that could not get on the official last train. Feedback from those who used SunRail, many of them for the first time, was largely positive. SunRail operates Monday through Friday from, 5:06 a.m. until 11:23 p.m., covering 49 miles and serving 16 stations from DeBary in Volusia County all the way to Poinciana in southern Osceola County. SunRail urges everybody to be safe around trains, railroad crossings, and please stay off railroad tracks. Be smart. Be safe.